With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), your entire office and all of your systems can be available to your employees anywhere. By centralizing your desktop environment with cloud services, you can access your files and programs from anywhere on virtually any device with a web browser. This reduces the cost of management, lowers hardware expenses, and minimizes the demand for support creating real savings  on operating costs for your business.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Minimal hardware, lower power cost, longer lifecycle

With VDI, you can outfit your staff with “thin client” terminals which only need the internet and minimal hardware to access our service. The cost of powering the thin client is considerably less than a traditional workstation and the lifecycle is longer than traditional PCs since they will not need to be upgraded to accommodate the processor load from new applications.

No in-house support team / time-consuming repairs

Traditional workstations usually require businesses to maintain an in house desktop support team and to spend a considerable amount taking care of traditional PC workstations. Thin clients require minimal hardware reducing necessity for upgrades and applications are hosted online allowing updates to be managed virtually.

More Workforce Mobility

Empower your workforce to be productive and more efficient by giving them easy access to applications and files they need on the cloud. They’ll be able to work anywhere they have internet access.  This is vital for workers who travel or work remotely and is a valuable benefit that can reduce the amount of personal time off requested by all employees.

Data Security

No data is stored on thin client devices.  You’ll never have to worry that important/confidential data made it into nefarious hands after an employee left their laptop on the train. All of your applications and documents are stored in a centralized location with the latest technological and physical security.



Carceron is a CompTIA Securty Trustmark Certified Managed Services Provider. Your VDI data is safely stored in our state-of-the-art data center protected by unparalleled physical and technological security. Schedule a consultation today.