You have no doubt heard about the virus outbreak over this past weekend. WannaCry was a massive ransomware attack on a global scale that targeted primarily older Microsoft Operating Systems as well as unpatched Windows 10 systems.

We are proud to report that none of our clients were infected with the WannaCry virus. Nonetheless, we spent the past 72 hours triple checking the defenses of all of our clients just to be triple sure.

Sadly, this global computer virus pandemic serves as a great springboard from which to announce a new suite of security services that we are offering to our new managed IT services clients, as well as to our existing clients willing to upgrade their agreement to our newest version.

New IT Services Agreement: Per End User Now, Not Per Device

With the increasing adoption of the cloud, server and desktop virtualization and mobile computing it has quickly become too much of an administrative burden to track every device that goes on and off agreements in our older per device model. So we have adopted a per user model which does not care about how many devices you have on the network. Billing is now automated, and is based on the number of users that you have in Active Directory - that’s it. Other benefits of this model include:

  • No more $250 workstation setup fees
  • No extra fees for projects that take less than a day to complete and that can be scheduled to fit Carceron’s resource calendar.

Stronghold: IT Threat Defense

Pursuant to all of the recently reported hacking events and viral outbreaks, Carceron has decided to increase the defenses of our client’s computer networks from these newer and more advanced threats.. Here’s a brief summary of the Stronghold IT Threat Defense security enhancements that will be enjoyed by all new clients, and to all existing clients willing to upgrade their current agreement to our new per user model:

Sophos Intercept X add on: Specifically, protects the network from ransomware viruses like WannaCry and CryptoLocker.
Cisco Umbrella: Basically a firewall in front of the firewall that detects threats in different ways, making the castle walls of your network less porous.
PhishThreat: We train your employees on how to identify phishing attacks that make it through the firewall, into their email, Facebook messenger, etc. Then we test them to see if they click on fake phishing emails that we periodically send out.

Get more details about Stronghold IT Threat Defense by Carceron.

For questions or to upgrade your agreement, just email chad@carceron.net.