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Are Your Company Credentials Exposed on the Dark Web?


Dark Web:  the part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of special software, allowing users (especially hackers) and website operators (many of whom are criminals) to remain anonymous or untraceable.

When you read about a company like Equifax or Anthem Healthcare getting hacked and that sensitive financial or healthcare information was stolen, the Dark Web is where hackers to go to obtain that illegally obtained information. Carceron can check the Dark Web for any company credentials that use your company’s email address. The example report above is the first page of a real report done for a well-known technology company. To get your free report, simply complete the form below. Please note that due to our limited resources, we can only provide this report free of charge for companies with 10 or more employees. If you are are a 1-person business or want to see if your personal emails have been hacked, then click here instead.


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  • This report is free to companies with 10 or more employees. If your company is smaller than that we will reach out to you about options.
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