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Stronghold IT Threat Defense


 Your Network is Not Anywhere Near As Secure as You Think It Is… 

Sure, you might have a nice expensive firewall or top of the line anti-virus software, heck, you might even be changing your passwords every 6 months, but it’s not enough. Not even close. Are you training your employees on IT security? And then verifying the efficacy of that training? Have you taken adequate precautions to protect your company from ransomware infections? Are you sure about that?

75% of organizations in 2017 that were infected with ransomware were running up-to-date endpoint protection. The average cost per ransomware attack to businesses that year was $133,000.

In 2017, the number of variations of ransomware increased 46%

In the current era of hyper-increasing IT threats, there is only one thing you can do:


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Turn Your IT Network into Your IT Stronghold:


Carceron accomplishes this by including our Stronghold IT Threat Defense suite standard in every managed IT services agreement that we offer. Stronghold is an ever-evolving suite of services designed to keep your network protected from even the newest, most cutting-edge attacks. Here are the current technologies that comprise the Stronghold IT Threat Defense Suite:

Outsourced Security Analyst

Our Huntress sits on your network hunting for the unaddressed techniques hackers use to maintain access to their victims. It’s like having your very own enterprise-level security analyst.

Phishing Attack Prevention Training

We train your end users on how to identify malicious links in emails & other messaging platforms. Then, we periodically hit them with a fake attack to see who hasn’t learned their lesson yet.

Scanning the Dark Web for Exposed Company Credentials

Hackers purchase illegally obtained company credentials such as yours from each other via the Dark Web. We keep watch for when they go on sales and tell you. You can get a free scan right now if you want.

Plus Unparalleled Protection from Ranomware


Super Secure, Encrypted Ransomware-Proof Server Backups & Disaster Recovery

We backup all of your servers to our encrypted Datto appliance, ransomware-free, then, back all of that up to the cloud over encrypted connection. If the server ever dies, we can spin up the backup images on the appliance or in the cloud, and get you back in business within minutes.

Backup Office 365 or G-Suite Mailboxes & Cloud Storage, Ransomware-free

Backup and restore old mailboxes on Office 365 or Google Apps G-Suite. Backup your cloud drive storage. Restore files whenever you need too. All protected from ransomware.

State of the Art Protection from Virus & Ransomware Infections for Your Servers & Desktops

We only use the industry’s undisputed champion of anti-virus & ransomware prevention. This stuff even does some of the same things that your Sophos Firewall does at the office.

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