Stronghold IT Threat Defense

 72% of IT security incidents involve a current or former employee

Protecting your network from outside access is a pretty straightforward process and relatively easy to set up for an experienced IT Pro: setup some firewalls, configure some policies on the firewall and server, deploy anti-virus software, etc. But protecting your network from the inside is harder. Employees with malicious intent are looking for ways to steal your data. Less IT savvy employees are clicking things they should not click, and management has adopted  “everybody is an admin” and “I trust that person” policy to make their lives easier.

The two most common insider threat scenarios involve perpetrators taking data to start their own competing company (30%), or to help secure employment with a rival (65%).

How valuable is your intellectual property? Your trade secrets? Your client information? Think you have a great relationship with your employees with high levels of trust and rapport? It has been our experience that it’s never at the level you think it is. Are you training your employees about IT security? Showing them what to click and what not to click? What behaviors are acceptable are on the network? And what behaviors are not. If we have filled you up with dread and despair, don’t worry, we have a solution. Carceron’s Stronghold IT Threat Defense is built into our standard managed IT services program and protects you network threats on the outside AND the inside.

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