CompTIA Security Trustmark+Security and regulatory compliance can be a major headache for some business owners and can cause embarrassment and costly fines associated with violations not to mention losing your client’s trust. Other penalties can include public admission of the breach, monetary fines, and jail time. Carceron offers unparalleled I.T. security compliance for our clients’ sensitive data. We are HIPAA compliant and CompTIA Security TrustMark+ certified.

Does Your Company Have Exposed Login Credentials on the Dark Web?


quote_leftquote_rightWe cannot put a price tag on the peace of mind we have everyday knowing that someone is monitoring and protecting our data around the clock.

Chase Amerson (Director of Procurement & Payables Pediatria Healthcare for Kids)


Relevant to HITECH, HIPAA, SOX, GLB, FRCP, and FINRA Regulations


Email Archives

Email Archives

Archives all inbound and outbound email communication in accordance with applicable regulatory standards (from 2-7 years).

Offsite Backup

Off-Site Backup

Secure, off site backup and archiving of electronic files. Files are backed up over an encrypted Internet connection to a secure backup server in a regulatory compliant data center with physical and logical access controls.

Email Archives

Email & Disk Encryption

Encrypts email communications and data hard drives and to protect against the exposure of sensitive/confidential personal, financial, or patient health information (PHI). This is especially important for mobile devices such as laptops.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Adds a second process of authentication for gaining access to sensitive/confidential personal, financial, or patient health information (PHI) stored on computer systems. Examples include: password+fingerprint scan, password + generated key, etc.

stronghold internet security threat defense

Stronghold IT Threat Defense

The two most common insider threat scenarios involve perpetrators taking data to start their own competing company (30%), or to help secure employment with a rival (65%).

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